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Welcome to Buffalo’s premier clinic for whole-person centered health care.

Founders, Kathleen Ross and Toni Haugen, came together to build a clinic, staffed by a highly qualified team of providers to fill the gaps we all experience in health care. In addition to Pelvic Health and Acupuncture treatments, BPHAC offers shockwave therapy, sexuality counseling, massage therapy, reiki and more. 

General Practice Acupuncture & Orthopedic PT

Our practitioners are experienced in a multitude of healthcare areas, and we focus on developing specific treatments based on your unique needs.

Compassionate Care

You deserve to be heard, and our practitioners are here to listen. This is a completely new approach to health care.

Experienced Practitioners

Our staff is comprised of certified healthcare professionals who design treatments based on your specific needs.

The Portal

Coming Soon: In-person care is just the beginning, The Portal is our membership space where you can supplement your lifestyle with a video library of information.

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Our Location

Formally Queen City Health & Wellness, and Equal Standing PT;

BPHAC is nestled within the growing Niagara Street community. Our beautiful space hosts six treatment rooms, an infrared sauna, a spacious open training area, and a comfortable patient lounge.

There is ample street parking, as well as an easy to spot dedicated parking lot. Please consider visiting our neighbors; Daddy’s Plants and Wildroot Floral.

General Practice Acupuncture

Your practitioner will decide on a custom treatment plan each time you are in. It will usually consist of acupuncture needling, and may also include cupping, gua sha, moxibustion, and an herbal formula.

Additionally, you may get dietary and lifestyle advice, postural correction, or massage, depending on your needs.

Our patients always receive a careful ear and genuine understanding.

Pelvic Health and Physical Therapy

Our clinicians are specialized in the understanding and treatment of chronic and acute pain. We exclusively provide 1:1 care from initial evaluation through all follow up treatments.

Exercise programs are taught with careful consideration of the nuances for the individual patient .

Each session will include manual therapies, education and home exercise prescription.

Book your first appointment

Take your healthcare into your own hands, our dedicated practitioners are excited to meet you.


1250 Niagara St. 2nd Floor, Buffalo, NY 14213


Mon-Fri: 9am -6pm
Sat& Sun: Closed




Call or Text: 716-325-0427