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November 10, 2023 7:30 – 9 pm

$95 /person

Group Acupuncture & Healing Sound Bath

Join us for an experience combining the healing modalities of acupuncture and sound healing within a community healing space. 

We will begin with some meditative practices to facilitate dropping into deeper levels of relaxation. An auricular (ear) acupuncture treatment will be given during the sound bath. The resonance of the sound vibrations open up accessibility to spaces where healing is available, and receptivity to the work of the needles. While these therapies are individually powerful, the impact is amplified when they are performed in tandem! 

The Acupuncture portion will be led by Dr. Nicole Andrus of Buffalo Pelvic Health and Acupuncture Clinic and the Sound Bath portion will be led by Valerie Sauers of Sacred Wild Healing.


*We will be sitting and laying on the floor. We ask that you bring a yoga mat and we will have community bolsters, and blankets. Please feel free to bring what you need to be comfortable such as: pillow, eye mask, etc. We have eye masks available for sale. 

*Stay hydrated. Sound waves travel better through water. When you are well hydrated, you will have a better experience.

*Eat light, healthy food, and allow for at least an hour of digestion prior to the session.

*Wear warm, comfortable clothing. The session will last approx 1.5 hours.

**Please Note**

The sound bath portion may not be suitable for: hearing aids, pacemakers or other implants, defibrillators, serious heart conditions, acute or serious mental health issues, those who may suffer from sound-induced epilepsy.

[Cancellation policy: To reserve your spot, we ask for payment upon registration. If you need to cancel within the cancellation window, we will hold the payment as a credit for a future Acupuncture Sound Bath]

Sound Healing Crystal Bowls
Sound Healing Crystal Bowls
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