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The Mission

At BPHAC, our mission is to provide whole-person-centered care. We believe that through holistic treatments, tailored physical therapy, and compassionate care- our patients can reduce their pain, and take control of their health.

Our founders created BPHAC based on the philosophy that all patients deserve to be heard, and that by collaborating together, they could truly help bridge the gap in healthcare that so many patients experience.

We are committed to providing you a clean, comforting atmosphere where you can focus on the most important thing; your care.

If you are a patient who has limited mobility and have any questions or concerns, we ask you to reach out prior to your appointment so our staff can make sure you have the best experience.

Yoga Pose Our Mission

Our Founders.

In 2023, Toni Haugen and Dr. Kathleen Ross came together to combine their respective practices. The Buffalo Pelvic Health & Acupuncture Clinic is the result of their mission to better serve their patients and community.

Toni Haugen

Toni Haugen has been practicing acupuncture and integrative care in Buffalo for a decade. She graduated from Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in 2011 and is currently completing her Doctor of Osteopathy (DO) and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in oriental medicine from there.

Her expertise is in Chinese herbal medicine, and she continues her work in that field as an affiliate at the Institute of Classics in East Asian Medicine. Toni also holds a Masters degree in Social Work (MSW) from the University of Buffalo. Her social work background anchors her trauma-informed approach to care. Toni believes that no person is inherently broken and that all people deserve to live free of pain.

She always works to build a bridge between acupuncture and conventional Western medicine, believing that integrative health care is the most informative and preventative kind. Her specialties include anxiety/depression, migraines and neurological disorders, OBGYN related conditions, oncology support, pain, and men’s pelvic floor health (including erectile dysfunction and prostatitis). She is also a skilled movement and posture instructor, influenced as she is by dance, Foundation Training, Feldenkrais, Qi Gong, and her career as an aerialist and performer. Her commitment to proactive public health is reflected in her active work to establish community acupuncture clinics throughout Buffalo. 

Dr. Kathleen Ross

Kathleen harmonizes her affinity for movement, anatomy and the tools of yoga into her physical therapy assessment and treatment process.  Kathleen is fascinated by the complexities of our nervous systems and their ability to heal and adapt when given the proper tools, stimulus and information.

  Kathleen deeply believes that it is never too late to heal and anyone, no matter their situation, can make progress if willing to put in the work.  Healing is a lifestyle we can choose to live.  To heal is to grow, to shift, to get uncomfortable and to learn; it is living in the process.  

Kathleen went back to school for her doctor in physical therapy after birthing her 2 children.  She wanted to understand the human body and it’s physiology through a more refined eye to enhance her yoga instructor career.  During school, Kathleen developed a keen interest in helping perinatal mothers reconnect with their bodies during pregnancy and after childbirth.  She pursued her pelvic health trainings after graduation and continues to study under the amazing teachers at the Herman & Wallace Institute.  To Kathleen,  Pelvic Health felt like the missing link to understanding postpartum recovery as well as the nuances of the core of the body.  

Kathleen’s approach is holistic and gentle.  While we need to add challenge to adapt, the process needs to be met with patience and progressed incrementally.  Like children, we need rest, recovery and a deep sense of safety as much as we need challenge.  As humans, we are way more than machines; we are ever complicated beings with rich histories and experiences.  Kathleen prides herself on treating people (not diagnoses) with compassion and empathy.  

Meet our amazing team.

Hallieogorman Headshot Bphac

Dr. Hallie O’Gorman


Dr. Hallie O’Gorman is a nationally certified and state licensed doctor of acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine. Valedictorian of her graduating class at Pacific College of Health and Science in New York City, she spent five years of academic concentration in both eastern and western medicine.

Dr. Nicole Andrus


Nicole C. Andrus is a Doctor of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine specializing in Women’s Health, Stress and Pain Management, and Micro/Nanoneedling for anti-aging. She received her degree from the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine and has been a licensed acupuncturist and practitioner of integrative medicine since 2011.

Dr. Halle Sauer


Halle is an avid runner and cyclist; her athletic background in conjunction with a continuous desire to learn, inform the way she looks at the way people move. Halle keeps her focus global when treating patients- her public health background helps her to consider all factors that could be contributing to pain/dysfunction while training in functional movement assessment lends to awareness of faulty movement patterns.

Jazmine Frazier


Jaz Frazier is a graduate of New York Institute of Massage and went on to become NYS and nationally licensed in massage therapy. Their goal is to bring inclusive bodywork to the Buffalo area. As a queer and non-binary practitioner, Jaz uses the gender pronouns they/them/their/s and welcomes clients of all identities on their table.

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